Tap-A-Meal celebrates its customers

Namibia’s favourite food delivery app – Tap-a-Meal – has recognised and rewarded its Top-10 customers with a heartfelt “thank you” for their loyalty.

With a few swipes on your smartphone, ordering and receiving your favourite meal has never been more convenient. Within two years, the app has attracted 15 000 users and delivers around 350 meals every day.

Quinten Herbert receiving his free meal from Tap-a-Meal.

Partners and customers have been signing up to Tap-a-Meal in droves and some stand out of the crowd. In recognition of their loyalty, each of the top 10 customers received their favourite meal free of charge and delivered to their home, work or wherever they happened to be at that time.

Going strong
The food ordering and delivery app has been going from strength to strength, in spite of easing Covid-19 restrictions and restaurants and bars being open for business. The vast choice of partners that are signed up to Tap-a-Meal means that every customer can find and order something to their liking and have it delivered and enjoy it in the comfort of their home.

The top 10 clients, just like the other customers, simply select their choice of food on the app, place their order and wait.

One of the customers who received their favourite meal as a reward was Quentin Herbert. Upon receiving the gift, Herbert said that Tap a Meal makes Windhoek feel more like other cities around the world. “We too now can order online and pay to have food delivered to our doorstep with the press of a button. It’s so convenient. Apparently, I make a lot of use of it, but never knew I was one of the Top 10 users!”

The technology behind the food delivery app allows you to monitor how long it will take for the driver to arrive and track how far away they are.

Payment is simple using cards, but no money needs to change hands, so even if you are hungry, but have no money in the house you can still pay for your food by simply swiping or using PayToday.

If there are any issues with the order or the delivery, a dedicated customer service call centre is in place. This also ensures that constant improvements are made to the app its user-friendliness and functionality.