Everything you need for your IT workspace

Change is constant. Growth in data volume and traffic, new directives and legal requirements are becoming the norm. We make sure that our clients can profit from our concepts, enabling them to keep up with growing requirements and expand their capacities rapidly and efficiently.

We cater for the infrastructure needs of both large and small organisations, being able to work with both simple and complex systems. Our team takes care of entire infrastructure projects, from planning to implementation and maintenance.

As your solution provider, we will serve you with one solution and a single point of contact.


Safely store your business’ data

We are able to set up data centres from scratch and integrate them into an IT system, allowing organisations to organise, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data. Our efficiently designed data centers not only store data, but are reliable, well-protected and allow for much easier information sharing. Data centers are not defined by their physical size or style but rather by their efficiency.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Helping clients to store data safely and securely

Keeping data safe is a necessity for the running of any business. In order to save this important information in the event of a system failure or similar technological disaster, it should be stored in a safe location.

As technology advances and paves the future for the world, technological threats are increasing proportionally. Data is not only subject to hardware and software failure, but to attacks to the data from cyber criminals. To give businesses the surety of continuity, we set up backups for organisations, as well as offer data recovery services. Backups are done according to client needs, as recovery needs are unique to organisations.

Having the ability to pre-empt these unforeseen problems allows us to store this data in such a way that it can be easily restored if necessary. This allows clients to rest assured that they will never lose important information, which could be the key to their business functionality.


The solutions that best suit your business needs

We provide clients with technologies that are adaptable to their business needs. Based on their long-standing experience in the industry, we are able to conduct the full range of activities for each business. Storage solutions include business conceptualisation, planning, design and adaptation to each client’s requirements and budget, through to delivery, implementation, training, support and comprehensive maintenance.

Our product line includes:
  • Entry-level, mid-range and enterprise scale arrays
  • Tape libraries of all sizes
  • Servers from entry-level with Intel x86-64 technology, up to the most powerful mainframe class computers
  • SAN and NAS solutions
  • Fibre channel networks
  • Optical networks for ultra-fast data transmission


Overcome physical boundaries and maximise IT infrastructure performance

In collaboration with leading vendors, We offer individual and high-performance virtualisation solutions. We can help you make use of the optimisation potential of your server, desktop, application, network and storage systems.

Take advantage of the boost that virtualisation technologies can bring to infrastructure with our comprehensive portfolio of services. Significant energy and cost savings, along with considerably greater flexibility, with resource availability adapted to business requirements, are a testament to the success of this technology.

Server Virtualisation

Advantages include effective use of our host server resources (e.g. hardware, storage, etc.) and the opportunity to benefit from the substantial savings in operating costs (hardware, power, space), higher availability and flexibility of your server systems.

Storage Virtualisation

Advantages include storage systems from different vendors which can be administered centrally and are flexible. Physical storage resources, that are partitioned or consolidated, can be used and managed more efficiently.

Desktop Virtualisation

Advantages include increased availability and better monitoring and management of your desktop environment. Updates of applications are implemented easier and can be performed in a significantly shorter time.