Network & Security

Your business needs the best protection in the industry

Security has become increasingly important with the increased number of cyber-attacks and malicious hackers online. Your business is the culmination of countless hours of work and effort; the last thing you want is to fall victim to a cybercrime. Our wide range of solutions can provide an effective gatekeeping mechanism to keep hackers out and all private information within the safe confines of your company’s networks.

Planning and Implementation

Planning, implementation, monitoring and performance auditing is key

As a partner on your journey, our team will meticulously plan the security measures that can be implemented into your company’s networks. We are a concept-to-implementation partner that will carefully conceptualise and put into action the necessary programs to ensure that your information and data will remain safe. Through careful analysis of networks, we audit, improve and plan its future on existing equipment.

We are efficient in planning and implementing systems, at the same time ensuring that you are as best protected as is possible. With successful monitoring and performance auditing, your business will be in safe hands.

Ethical Hacking

Let us discover your vulnerabilities and help you improve your security posture

We help our clients to secure their networks by safely hacking into them, like a real hacker would. With cyber-hackers becoming more prominent and more familiar with technologies, it is more important than ever to protect your data.

Ethically hacking into a computer and its networks is carried out by experts who purposefully attempt to penetrate a computer system or network. This is done on behalf of the owners of the business in order to identify security vulnerabilities within a company. These vulnerabilities open the company up to exploitation by malicious hackers and can, therefore, be addressed before such a disaster can take place.

Protecting your business from malicious external threats is cardinal in safeguarding your business’s future. Make sure you are safe and let us assist in telling you where the vulnerabilities are.

Data Loss Prevention

Let us take care of your data whilst you run your business

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a service using a set of tools and processes aimed at ensuring that sensitive data is not lost. DLP is important to the running of any business. The threat of data leaks and misused or incorrectly used data may result in total business collapse in the modern world. Users have become increasingly aware of who is using or misusing their information.

Data loss prevention is important for businesses because:
  • Malicious users such as cybercriminals are targeting sensitive data for a variety of motives, including personal financial gain
  • Stolen data can be sold and purchased illegally for personal gain

DLP can prevent the misuse of both your business and clients’ stored, sensitive information

Security and Auditing

Securing data is an important job and our experts are ready to tackle the task

Network auditing is a vital process for ensuring your network is mapped and secure, both in terms of software used and hardware installed. Safeguarding your networks is not a fire and forget procedure. It requires continuous auditing, monitoring, enhancing, and updating to ensure efficiency.

The process can no-doubt be intimidating, but fortunately our experts have the correct tools to help automate a large part of this meticulous and time-consuming process. We also carry out breach investigations to assist you, in the event of a hack, by analysing how it happened and how to prevent it in the future.