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Green looks into every detail, to provide the most suitable solution for your business. Our services are all personalised to suit your specific business objective and highly specialised staff are always on standby which is accompanied by our 24/7 call centre and helpdesk.

Project Management and Consulting Services

An on-time, in-budget approach is coordinated by utilising project management best practices in every project

Through our project management and consulting services, we aim to define tangible steps and achieve our clients’ business goals.

The project management methodology that we employ is PRINCE2, which stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and is a process-driven method for effectively managing a project. It is based on principles, themes and processes. 

  • PRINCE2 allows you and your business to achieve on project deliverables within time and budget constraints
  • Return on investments are increased
  • Facilitation of your business’s continual improvement
  • Manage business risks


Making use of the COBIT governance framework to reach your business objectives

Corporate Governance deals with the ways corporations are directed and controlled. Information Technology Governance is a subset discipline of Corporate Governance which is focused on information technology (IT) systems, their performance and risk management.

The rising interest in IT governance is partly due to compliance initiatives, but more so because of the need for greater accountability for decision-making around the use of IT in the best interest of all stakeholders.

According to COBIT Governance, the framework can be used by the organisation to establish transparent accountability of individual decisions and ensure the traceability of decisions to assigned responsibilities. We also use the COBIT Framework to align our clients’ business objectives with their IT infrastructure and ultimately achieve their goals.

This is executed through:

  • Planning and organisation
  • Delivery and support
  • Acquisition and implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation