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Our range of products, which include MetroGrid, Attendance Tracker, Aspire OCR,  Helpdesk, Execfolio and Utility Billing, serve a number of functions and aim to facilitate the running of businesses more efficiently.

METROGRID® is a system for municipal account management, incident reporting and announcement sharing.
It automates customer service, increases productivity and satisfaction by saving both you and your customers both time and effort.

Key benefits for you

  • Quick, affordable announcements to targeted
  • Track service and performance
  • Discover trends and common problem areas

Key benefits for your clients

  • Instant feedback
  • Direct communication with the correct person
  • No queues!
  • Make swift, instant payments
  • Easily report incidents with a few taps
    Get news and announcements as they happen
Improving punctuality and time management for employers and employees alike

About Attendance Tracker

The Attendance Tracker is a real time Employee Attendance Register system developed by Green Enterprise Solutions. The attendance tracker system allows attendance to be checked both on premise (fingerprint scanners, access cards) or at a remote location (mobile device). Remote check-ins are done via the mobile application, and are verified by use of GPS coordinates with a 10m radius accuracy.

The Attendance Tracker Portal includes features such as analytics for various levels, user management (roles and privileges, etc.), department management, locations management, visit verification and flagging and several other features to keep tracking of attendance as fluid and hassle-free as possible.



Employees can use their personal device to check in at remote location, check calendar, view log history, add out-of-office days, view basic analytics, view and edit profile image and change password


Your firm handshake in today’s digital world.

ExecFolio offers your clients a simple, direct way to tell them about who you are and what you do. This digital portfolio does not only provide a professionally appealing interface, it offers the powerful functionality to back it up. Let this be a tool in your hand, and establish your presence in today’s digital world.

Benefits of ExecFolio

  • Works as a content management system, and shares your information across various platforms
  • Consistency with information on all your platforms
  • Beautifully designed and customizable interfaces
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Aspire OCR is a Optical Character Recognition Solution which run as an addition on Microsoft SharePoint
which reads metadata using OCR from the documents and update fields or columns in a document library.

OCR Features

PDF and Images

Text and Barcode

OCR from Multiple Locations

Single File and Bulk File Sets

95% Accuracy

Customized Learning Capability

File sources

Microsoft SharePoint Document


Network File Shares


Integration - Metadata

Read and Write to SharePoint



Platforms: Microsoft.NET | SQL Server | Microso: SharePoint | Asprise OCR Library

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Road Alert

Road-Alert is a driver awareness mobile application aimed at assisting drivers on the road. It makes use of your location to inform you of any hazards and dangers on the road near you. This includes construction sites, broken bridges, animals crossing, road accidents etc.

Activate visual and/or audio notifications or preview the map before you set out, and plan your safest trip.
The best journeys end with you safely at your destination!

Keep track of utility-related transactions

Utility Billing is a module built onto the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
platform. This module provides an overview of customers and

Utility Billing is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV, general
ledger and accounts receivable modules, on which you are able
to view reports and statistics, keep track of all meters and post
utility transactions.

Key features:

  • Create customers, accounts, ERF’s and meters
  • Capture tariffs and rates
  • Capture meter readings and create invoices